Medical alert services and equipment are used by many people to give them peace of mind in case someone who is elderly or ill needs emergency care and is unable to reach a phone. These are also known as personal response systems (PRS). Choosing the right service and equipment for your needs and budget is important, and an important consideration is the contractual obligation involved. This varies by service provider. Many consumers complain about deceptive sales practices and have unwittingly signing up for long-term contracts that they later regret. At R.A.S. Total Home Solutions you will never have a long term contract for monitoring. We believe that a month to month service is better. If you like our service you will stay with us.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), also known as Medical Emergency Response Systems, let you call for help in an emergency by pushing a button. A PERS has three components: a small radio transmitter, a console connected to your telephone, and an emergency response center that monitors calls.

Transmitters are light-weight, battery-powered devices. You can wear one around your neck, on a wrist band, on a belt, or in your pocket. When you need help, you press the transmitter's help button, which sends a signal to the console. The console automatically dials one or more emergency telephone numbers. Most PERS are programmed to telephone an emergency response center. The center will try to find out the nature of your emergency. They also may review your medical history and check who should be notified.

You can purchase, rent, or lease a PERS. Keep in mind that Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies typically don't pay for the equipment, and the few that pay require a doctor's recommendation. Some hospitals and social service agencies may subsidize the device for low-income users. If you buy a PERS, expect to pay an installation fee and a monthly monitoring charge. Rentals are available through national manufacturers, local distributors, hospitals, and social service agencies, and fees often include the monitoring service. Read the contract carefully before you sign, and make note of extra charges, like cancellation fees.

Your local Area Agency on Aging may be able to tell you what systems are available in your area. See if friends, neighbors, or relatives have recommendations. When you have a list of agencies you're considering, check with your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them. Questions you can ask a PERS company include:

* Is the monitoring center open 24/7? What kind of training do staff receive?  At R.A.S. Our Monitoring Center is Open 24/7 and the operators go through modified EMT training.
* What's the average response time, and who gets alerted? At R.A.S. from the time you press your button to the time you are talking to someone is aprox 3 min.

* Will I be able to use the same system with other response centers if I move? What if I move to another city or state? At R.A.S. you own your equipment if you wish to have someone else monitor it that is up to you. There will be a small reprogramming fee to remove our information. $55.00

* What's your repair policy? What happens if I need a replacement? As with most items you purchase you will have the manufactures warranty other than that it is your equipment and your responsibility. However if it is not working properly we can and will try to repair it for you.

* What are the initial costs? What costs are ongoing? What kind of services and features will I get? Initial cost include the purchase price of the equipment, a $25.00 activation fee. on going costs our between $18.00 and $25.00 per month for monitoring.

WHY R.A.S. Total Home Solutions


Fast Professional Service

Law Enforcement Owned & Operated

High Quality Equipment

No Long Term Contracts

Only month to month monitoring

Monitoring can be canceled with only a 30 day notice

You own your equipment ( unless you want a lease, Some financing is available.)

No hidden costs or hidden price increases. If we would have to raise our price for any reason you WILL be notified first.

We are family orientated and for the small guy. We do not believe in big corporate practises.

Our Medical P.E.R.S. Units

MediPendant™ is a medical alarm/alert system (also known as a personal emergency response system) that gives users access to help at the press of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is the first monitored medical alarm on the market today that allows the user to speak and listen to the operator DIRECTLY through the pendant.


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